Working overnight is hard. Hard to stay awake, have energy, care for patients and not snack! But, did well last night. Stayed completely on track. Yay!!! Going to bed now, waking up at 5 to go back to work and do it all over! Wish me luck!

As I’m taking over my own very tiny corner on the internet, I’m going to do something many others are doing. A fitblr. A blog 100% related to my weight loss journey.

In life I’ve always been the bigger girl. Standing a whole 5’3” and 250lbs. Its always been a struggle.

But as it turns out I am marrying my best friend and love of my life Oct. 26th this year. So, time to whip this big ass into shape. Since Jan. 1 I have lost 17lbs. I started doing the No Flour No Sugar diet. This diet was wonderful. I loved every day of it and surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult to follow at all. Now I know a lot of you are all “Just eat healthy, you don’t need to follow a diet. Moderation and exercise. Blah blah blah.” Here’s the deal, I have to have structure, ans guidelines. So, that being said I have now joined a popular weight loss plan, where you count your points. (Weight Watchers.)

This week has been my first, and this week I’ve lost 4lbs. I would say were off to a good start. Point counting combined with busting my ass at the gym has paid off these 7 days.

On to week 2. Everyone have a great weekend! Its spring break for a lot of kids around here. I’ll check back soon.

Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!!